Washington County Donates to Parkersburg

By: Steve Nicoles, Reporter


By Steve Nicoles

WASHINGTON - Parkersburg has seen a flood of aid since the tornado hit Sunday afternoon. One truck of supplies left Wednesday from a community that is all too familiar with what a tornado can do. People in Washington County donated 13,000 pounds of supplies because they were once on the receiving end of relief themselves.

The stream of people pushing shopping carts up to the semi never seemed to end. The American Legion asked for help filling the truck with supplies and the community responded. The legion hall in Parkersburg is one of the few places with power following the weekend storms. Sarah Rodgers lives in Washington, but she used to live near Parkersburg. She donated food, toiletries and towels, saying, “I have family there, ties to the community."

So many people delivered items that others spent the morning taping boxes. And it was more than just what you find in the store, although Hy-Vee donated a palate of water. Marshall's Furniture donated seven mattresses and a frame. Aaron Olson is with the American Legion in Washington. He said, "I'm floored by the outpouring of support here."

Whether it's food or toilet paper, these people know what is needed in a disaster because they've lived through it themselves. Olson said, "In 1998 we had a tornado.

"One woman who had lost some property in the 98 tornado. She came back three times with three loads in her car. She is so appreciative of what people did for her. She knows that they need help up north,” said Olson.

So do many other people, as a truck loaded with more than six tons and $2,000 headed to Parkersburg.

The American Legion halls in North Liberty and Coralville are also planning to run supplies to Parkersburg Thursday. They say they need blankets, baby items and canned food. You can donate to your local American Legion.

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