Tornado Victim's Family Searches for Memories

By Dave Franzman, Reporter


By Dave Franzman

NEAR NEW HARTFORD - One family of a tornado victim gathered to search for memories and mementos where he died on Sunday.

Norman Beuthien, 48, of rural New Hartford died when the tornado struck his rural home Sunday afternoon. On Wednesday, many of his relatives came to where his rural home once stood to search for bits and pieces to help them remember his life.

In many homes destroyed by the tornadoes, families can find at least a little something to save. But the twister that took the life of Norman Beuthien...and seriously injured his girlfriend Renae Kincaid...hardly left anything behind. The house was leveled to its foundations. Nearly 20 members of Beuthien's family came to the home site and his daughters say finding anything would mean a lot.

Heather Greenwood, Beuthien's daughter, said "hopefully, beneath all the debris and stuff we could find something to remember our dad by."
Another daughter, Tomi Fuchs, said "just pictures, he had so many pictures of grandkids that were his life and me and my sister--that's the big thing. We'd just like to find pictures."

Family members searched the small amount of debris in the home and nearby fields. But they had extra help.

Beuthien's nephew is in the Iowa National Guard and attends the University of Northern Iowa. Members of an ROTC unit there volunteered to come out and help the family look.

Zach Beuthien said "they called me about coming out here to help and I told them about uncle Norman and they said whatever I needed--they'd bring it out."

Considering the power of the tornado, finding any personal items might seem like a hopeless task. But family members say they won't know until they look.

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