Rural Dunkerton Residents Picking up Pieces Too

By Dave Franzman, Reporter


By Dave Franzman

DUNKERTON - The tornado that caused death and destruction in Parkersburg also slammed into the community of Dunkerton Sunday afternoon.

Dunkerton is located about 15 miles northeast of Waterloo. The community of 800 was spared a direct hit. But the twister damaged or destroyed a number of homes just northwest of the community. Power was also knocked out in Dunkerton itself.

Rick Donohue told TV9 he saw the twister coming and got in his car to get out of the way. He made it about 200 yards before a wall of mud slammed into his vehicle. But it was far enough away. He lost his house, garage and a number of small buildings--but he was ok.

Witnesses say the tornado that hit the rural area northwest of Dunkerton appeared to be at least a quarter miles wide and was following Lester Road which runs east and west. Power poles got pushed to crazy angles by the wind and the lines snapped

One woman said her home was ok, but her friend's home was seriously damaged. Virginia Sage said "she was in the grandson and son came up and took her out of the basement--their house is intact, but everything else is gone."

With power lines down, many roads in and around Dunkerton were closed to traffic. Some residents believe at least 15 homes were either seriously damaged or destroyed. But there's no way to confirm that yet.

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