Seven Dead in Major Tornado Outbreak

By Mark Geary, Reporter


By Mike Wagner

PARKERSBURG -- Officials say at least four people were killed when a devastating tornado hit the town of Parkersburg. Two others were killed in the nearby town of New Hartford.

There are many reports of injuries and those people have been taken to local hospitals. Emergency officials have evacuated the town and people who call this place home still can't believe this happened.

A quiet Memorial Day weekend in Parkersburg turned into a terrifying, devastating disaster in a matter of minutes.

Perry Bernard tells TV-9, "All I saw was the biggest black wall I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't tell I didn't think it was a tornado because it was so wide."

The tornado smashed and shredded everything it touched priceless possessions ripped through the air.

Cars and trucks turned upside down or flipped on their sides. The neighbors tried to help each other when the winds died down, but for some the shock was just too much.

An unidentified woman says, "He was trying to get out of the basement, we tried to help him and then he was okay but then he had a heart attack and died."

On this Memorial Day weekend, people honor fallen soldiers but in the town of Parkersburg the holiday will have a much different meaning for decades to come.

It's already rained here several times since the tornado came through. One person we talked to said that makes a terrible situation even worse.

Not only are people's possessions scattered all over the place, they are wet.

Emergency officials say at least two people are also dead in the town of New Hartford. Crews in Waterloo reported at least 15 people taken to Allen Hospital with injuries during the storm, as well.

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