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Tama-Benton Coop Now Better Than Ever, 101 Years Later

DYSART, Iowa – After the wind storm in 2011, the Tama-Benton Coop was almost completely destroyed. The storm provided the business an opportunity to make some upgrades, and have now built six grain bins.... Read More »

Artisan Makes Runway Fashion, From Paper

DYSART, Iowa – After years of being a costume designer, artist owner Julie McLaughlin turned to making paper, and paper clothing. McLaughlin owns McJulie studios in Dysart, but her work is shown around... Read More »

Blacksmith Boutique Makes Sparks Fly

DYSART, Iowa – Among the many businesses in Dysart is the Blacksmith Boutique, owned by Deb Roettger. After a career of being a realtor and living in Dysart all her life, she decided to start welding. “I... Read More »

Heritage Arboretum Continues to “Grow”

DYSART, Iowa – Dysart lost around 300 trees to a devastating wind storm two years ago, but the Heritage Arboretum is working to bring them back. The Dysart Tree Board started the arboretum in 2004, and... Read More »

Sassy's Boutique Brings Big City Style to Small Town

DYSART, Iowa – Sassy’s Boutique in Dysart brings lots of fashionable looks for the ladies in Dysart, thanks to owner Wanda Petersen. For eight years, the boutique has been selling clothing and accessories... Read More »

Historical Church Celebrates Dysart’s History

DYSART, Iowa – The Dysart Historical Society’s Museum is an Iowa Great Place and an Iowa Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area. The center lets visitors take a trip back in time, it showcases items... Read More »

Adoptive Families in Dysart from 100 Years Ago To Today

DYSART, Iowa— In a town of around 2,000 people, the population includes adoptive families with children from all over the world. It costs about $25,000 for an international adoption, though it varies... Read More »

Thirsty Bulldog Doesn’t Leave Customers Thirsty

DYSART, Iowa-- Dysart has seen an increase in downtown businesses, especially shop owners who are women. One of those new businesses is the Thirsty Bulldog, one of just a few restaurants in the town.... Read More »

Downtown Dysart Sees Revitalization in Main Street Business

DYSART, Iowa—The downtown business scene is a bit different than in other towns, according to shop owners. “Everybody works together here, and everybody looks out for each other, and that's kind of... Read More »

40-Year Hobby Leads to 2,200 Piece Collection

DYSART, Iowa—Dysart Development Corporation President Dwayne Luze started collecting toy tractors as a little boy with his dad. His collection has never stopped, and now fills up two rooms in his home.... Read More »

Outdoor Market Brings Big Business to Dysart

DYSART, Iowa – This June Dysart had a sale that went beyond business walls. It was the Backroads Vintage Market and brought around 60 vendors into Dysart. The market sold a variety of vintage goods,... Read More »

HAT Team Bringing Business and Building Friendships

DYSART, Iowa-- In Dysart, when the H.A.T. Team is around, there’s no chance of getting lost or going hungry. The H.A.T. Team is a group of six ladies who between them have 300 years of experience living... Read More »

Barrel Drive-In has been Serving Up Food Since 1966

WEST UNION, Iowa – The Barrel Drive-In is just one of a few restaurants in West Union, and what makes this one unique is that customers don’t even have to get out of their cars. It’s called a “Drive-In”... Read More »

Green Pilot Program Makes West Union a Model Community

WEST UNION, Iowa – In 2004, the city began searching for funding for a sidewalk and street renovation. What they ended up doing was a 10 million dollar green project, which only cost the town 2 million... Read More »

Courthouse Ceiling Stuns and Stumps

WEST UNION, Iowa – Looking up at the stained glass ceiling at the Fayette County Courthouse in Our Town West Union not only is beautiful, but leaves everyone, including those central to the building, wondering... Read More »

Fayette County Fair Celebrating 160th Birthday

WEST UNION, Iowa – This year will be the 160th Fayette County Fair hosted in West Union. Also celebrating its history are the two 100-year-old circular barns on the fairgrounds that are still used for... Read More »

Oldest Jewelry Store in Iowa Calls West Union Home

WEST UNION, Iowa – Along the businesses in downtown West Union sits one that can call itself the very first jewelry store in the state of Iowa. Saboe Jewelry was built is 1854 and history is almost as... Read More »

West Union Recreation Complex: Built by the Town

WEST UNION, Iowa – The West Union park has five ball diamonds, tennis courts, a paved walking trail, two stocked ponds and several playgrounds over 40 acres of land that used to be a bean field only 15... Read More »

Palmer Lutheran Health Center is Proud of Their People

WEST UNION, Iowa – The Palmer Lutheran Health Center in West Union is the second largest employer in the county, and from a poll in the Des Moines Register, it sounds like a good place to work. The health... Read More »

First Day of Brand New School System to Start this Fall

WEST UNION, Iowa – The first day of school for the high school and middle school students in West Union will bring a lot of firsts. North Fayette Community School and Valley Community Schools are grade... Read More »

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Update: Two Years Later

WEST UNION, Iowa - Audrey Gibbs and her family got a surprise in 2011 when they were given a new house from the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. She says she has had to learn how to care for the... Read More »

Our Town: West Union Stitching Together Friendships, Passion

WEST UNION, Iowa -- One unique retreat is bringing together people with a common thread to the center of West Union. Deb Thies realized her dream in opening up the Moonlight Stitching Retreat on the main... Read More »

Farmhouse Renovation Keeps History Alive in North Liberty

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – Plans were to have the white farmhouse located in the heart of North Liberty completely renovated before this year’s Centennial celebration. Unfortunately a lack in funding for the... Read More »

Library Continues to Grow Alongside Our Town

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – It’s easy to see that people in North Liberty love their library. Located in the heart of the community center, the space is always bustling. In fact, it’s so busy, that the space... Read More »

Prime Time League Brings College Hoops to Our Town

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – It may be far from March Madness, but each summer fans can see their favorites from men’s and women’s Hawkeye hoops in Our Town North Liberty. The leagues provide competition that’s... Read More »

Rapid Growth Continues in Our Town North Liberty

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – 2013 marks 100 years since North Liberty was incorporated. As the city celebrates its Centennial, it’s nearly unrecognizable from the small farming community it once was. In 1913,... Read More »

Dick Meade: North Liberty Native for Half a Centennial

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – If there were a competition for a Mr. North Liberty, then Dick Meade could easily take home the honor. He first moved to Our Town in 1965 to work for the stockyard, and has many fun... Read More »

Jeweler's Ideas Earn Him National Fame

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – Jeweler Harold van Beek never thought a special sale at his business in Our Town North Liberty would earn him national attention. But last fall, a unique sales pitch, based on the... Read More »

Business Goals Anything but Itsy Bitsy

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – A study of North Liberty’s demographics led the Mercer family to decide the city would be a great place to open their store. Nic and Kelly own Itsy Bitsy Boutique, a shop that specializes... Read More »

New Business Strikes a Chord in Our Town

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – Small specialty shops continue to pop up all around North Liberty. Just one of these locally owned businesses is 965 Guitars. Owner Darwin Lindahl moved to the area and thought... Read More »

Extensive Trail System Keeps North Liberty Rolling

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – As North Liberty continues to rapidly grow, one thing on the top of the city’s priority list is expanding its extensive trails system. There are already over 20 miles of trails in... Read More »

Veteran's Memorial, One Example of Vet Dedication in Our Town

DUBUQUE, Iowa - One of the unique aspects of Our Town is its dedication to our veterans. Over our country's history, many military members have received the Medal of Honor, and eleven of them are buried... Read More »

Hotel Julian: Serving Guests for More Than A Century

DUBUQUE, Iowa - It's rumored that a notorious mobster may have been a frequent resident of a hotel in Our Town years ago. Located on 2nd and Main Street, part of the Hotel Julien has been around for... Read More »

After Four Generations of Owners, Rhomberg Furs is Still in the Family

DUBUQUE, Iowa - In the middle of Dubuque's Millwork District at one of the nation's oldest family owned businesses. Since 1907 the Rhomberg family has sold high end furs out of this historic downtown... Read More »

The Grandest View of America's River, Eagle Point Park

DUBUQUE, Iowa - One of Our Town Dubuque's greatest treasures is Eagle Point Park. In 1908 Oliver Shiras a Dubuque Judge, sold the land to the city of Dubuque. One little known fact: Historians say Shiras... Read More »

Hills and Dales Celebrates 40 Years of Caring for Others

DUBUQUE, Iowa - One Dubuque agency aimed at serving people who have disabilities is celebrated its 40th anniversary during the week of Our Town. Hills and Dales clients spend time working on motor skills... Read More »

Dubuque Colts Celebrate 50 Years of Music

DUBUQUE, Iowa - A youth organization in Our Town has been marching in step to its own sounds for half a century. About 26-hundred kids have gone through the Dubuque Colts Drum and Bugle Corps since its... Read More »

Dubuque's Grand Opera House A Piece of History in the Present

DUBUQUE, Iowa - As we've told you the arts and history are two key components that make up the character of Our Town, and Dubuque's Historic Grand Opera House is just one example of the community's past... Read More »

Community Theater Performs Youth Addition of "Avenue Q"

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Dubuque's Bell Town Theater has been the home of live community performances for more than a decade, but for the first-time ever it is putting on a summer, high school program featuring... Read More »

Betty Jane Candies Satisfying Dubuque's Sweet Tooth for 75 Years

DUBUQUE, Iowa - For three-fourths of a century Our Town has been silencing its sweet tooth with a sweet shop. Betty Jane Candies opened originally on Dubuque's Main Street in 1938. Candy lovers... Read More »

The Gyroplane: A Fun Spin on Aviation

DUBUQUE, Iowa - An aviation company in Our Town is hoping a popular aircraft in Europe will catch on in the states soon. It's called the gyroplane. It looks like a small helicopter, but really the only... Read More »

Veteran's Freedom Center: Helping Veterans Transition after Service

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Over and over again, Our Town has done right for its veterans. There are signs of this resounding commitment all over the community. The Veteran's Freedom Center in Dubuque is one... Read More »

Sky Tours Zipline Allows People to Soar Over History

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Thrill seekers are flocking from all over the region to Our Town, not only to zip line, but to soar over history. It’s a scene you might not think you would see in Our Town. An area with... Read More »

That's My Dog! Owner Makes Dream Come True After Crash

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Dozens of Dubuque dog owners rely on one woman to help tame their furry friends. Robin McFarlane runs "That's My Dog!" It's a doggie daycare and training center. Although she's surrounded... Read More »

The Millwork District Revitalization

DUBUQUE, Iowa - A huge revitalization project is transforming Dubuque's old manufacturing district into a vibrant new mini-community in Our Town. Lying between the Port of Dubuque and the downtown area,... Read More »

WATCH: Our Town Elkader Fighting Childhood Obesity

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30-years. In 2008, more than one third of kids were overweight or obese. But in Our Town Elkader, they're fighting obesity, and school health... Read More »

WATCH: How Did Our Town Elkader Get Its Name?

It's not often when you visit a community that you might spend time thinking about its name. So, it's worth asking the question "how did Elkader get its name?" ... Read More »

WATCH: Our Town Elkader Fire Farm Lighting

ELKADER, Iowa -- It is a manufacturing company unlike anything you've seen before. Fire Farm Lighting is in in downtown Elkader, just off Main Street. Adam Pollock moved his factory from the hustle and... Read More »

WATCH: Our Town Elkader Pedretti's Bakery

ELKADER, Iowa -- At the corner of Bridge and Main is a bakery in Elkader. Pedretti's Bakery has been in Elkader for generations. ... Read More »

WATCH: Our Town Aplington Greg's Taxidermy

APLINGTON, Iowa -- Our Town Aplington is home to a celebrity in the Taxidermy world. Greg Cuveiler holds world titles, and numerous national honors for his work. He's the first to earn the title of Iowa's... Read More »

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