Our Town Williamsburg - Preparing for the Party

WILLIAMSBURG - What does it take to plan a 150th birthday party? For those in Our Town Williamsburg, try three years. Locals have been putting some hard work and dedication into their sesquicentennial celebration. But beyond the activities and fun, they have been archiving and restoring the town's history so it can be shared to those young and old in the community.

Old photos help the Williamsburg Sesquicentennial Committee tell the story of their town's history.

Dale Welsh uses state-of-the-art digital equipment to restore pictures sent in from all over.

"It gives me a lot of satisfaction knowing I can improve a photograph that is faded really badly," said Welsh.

Welsh has fixed rips and wrinkles on about 4,000 old photographs. These will go on historical displays that will be up around town for the event- which begins this weekend.

Callie Wetjen is collecting data and plans to publish books in honor of the big event. She is working on two books, a 400 page collection of family histories and a 300 page book on the town's history. The sesquicentennial celebration is a whole week of events and activities.

The committee has been planning the event for three years because they want it to be so memorable. One event that is sure to make the celebration memorable-- an all-class reunion.
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