Our Town Williamsburg - The Doc is In

WILLIAMSBURG - We're visiting a business owner who has been getting people in line for nearly 56-years. And at the age of 86 he hasn't stopped seeing patients. His name is Dr. Dougherty, and you may be surprised to find that he can fix your back without even cracking it.

With just a click, Dr. Dougherty will have you back in line. He's been on the town square since 1951. And even though he's missed retirement by a few decades he's still going.

"I've go so many talents now that I didn't have ten years ago. It's a waste if I don't use it," said Dougherty.

Some would say the sky's the limit but Doc's been there too. Doc became an Air Force pilot and flew 71 missions in the southwest Pacific during World War II.

"You see those little things coming out of here, and there. You have 8 forward firing, 50 calibers," he said.

"Oh yes, I enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy losing people or watching them go in. But after you lose a couple friends you close up," Dougherty added.

60 years have passed since Doc retired his wings but the memories have never faded.

"Oh, if you think about it, it kind of gets to you. I'm a lot more emotional now than I used to be."

Doc's dedication to his country is reflected in his service to his community.

"I've enjoyed what I've been doing. if you don't enjoy it then why do it."

And after all these years Doc Dougherty is thankful...

"Thanks for being a friend, they're all friends."
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