Our Town Waukon - Hidden Treasures

WAUKON - Jan Sweeney and his four brothers run Village Farm and Home in Waukon. It's a family business handed down from their father Ray Sweeney who passed away in 1994.

Their father left something behind. Some would call it a hidden treasure, others a timeless collection.

This is the house of clocks and inside thousands of them line the wall. It's Ray Sweeney's personal collection. A project he and his family worked to put together.

"If there was something there he thought he could use he would start it at a price and if nobody would bid he would say mark it to me," said Jan Sweeney.

Ray was an auctioneer, and at every sale he found something new to bring home.

"A lot of nights he would come home with a whole pickup load from that sale. And a lot of it wasn't worth anything but a lot of it was," said Sweeney.

From WWI artifacts to old coins, the house of clocks has a little of everything.

"Oh yeah he loved to show it. He loved to have things that people could enjoy," said Sweeney.

Daily tours used to pass through the house of clocks but after Ray's passing tours are only given by appointment. Some wonder why the Sweeney's don't sell the museum. But for them it's part of their family's history.

"This is his original drum set. He started playing when he was 15 years old. This was his band," said Sweeney.
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