Our Town Mount Vernon-Lisbon: Creating a Joint Identity

By Travis Bockenstedt, Our Town Producer

MOUNT VERNON-LISBON - Connected by Highway 30 these two towns are only two miles apart, but now they'll become even closer. With some leadership and vision both communities are working to create a joint identity.

"Really what I'm looking for is opportunities in Mount Vernon/Lisbon. The community development board has a lot of things that we are going to try and do in identifying those opportunities and filling them," said Bill Micheel, Marketing Director.

Bill Micheel and Richard Herrmann lead Mount Vernon-Lisbon's community development board. With the help of ten other other volunteers they are trying to tackle the biggest challenge between the two towns.

"After interviewing a lot of different people we came to the realization that there is a lot of overlap between the chamber of commerce, marketing and tourism, economic development corporations," said Richard Herrmann, Community Development Board.

While these groups generated positive ideas for the community, progress was slow. Micheel hopes that can change.

"I think there is really a big opportunity to market these two communities together as a whole as one place," said Micheel.

And thats exactly what the development board decided to tackle as their first project. Together,they published a magazine featuring local attractions, restaurants, and services. For the board this was a big leap, considering some are skeptical about the groups success.

"Well lets be honest, there is still rivalry to a certain extent and there are still unknowns how we are going to work together as two complete separate communities with two city councils and everything else," said Herrmann.

Among the challenges the board faces they continue to move forward.
Monthly newsletters keep the community informed and a joint website allows easy access to important information and events.
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