Our Town Amana: Amana Top Five

By Travis Bockenstedt, Our Town Producer

AMANA - The Amanas are full of flavor and at number five on our list, the Amana Meat and Smokehouse gives you a taste of some German inspired meats. Brats, head cheese, pickled ham and beef jerky are some local favorites. With samples available daily, its a great place to try something new.

"A lot of customers will come in with lists taking things back for other friends and family members. Our beef jerky is also very good to, we sell a lot of that," said Sue Lockhrt, Retail Sales Manager.

It's the only Woollen mill still operating in Iowa and its in Our Town Amana. Built in 1857, this mill is over 150 years old. The mill still produces thousands of blankets each year. You can even get up close and take a look at the production process.

Number three on our Amana top five, Millstream Brewing Company. It's one of the oldest micro breweries in the nation, producing a range of German inspired beers and classic sodas. Twice a year visitors can even take part in the bottling process. Millstream is also known for its award winning root beer.

"We have usually one or two events here at the brewery every month. So its not just come and have a beer, it come and participate, come and enjoy, come and relax," said Teresa Albert of the Millstream Brewing Company.

This Amana Favorite comes in at number two. The Ox-Yoke Inn is a family owned and operated restaurant that offers a dining experience that is truly Amana. Like the original communal kitchens of old Amana, meals are served family style. Guests leave filled with bowls of salads, sauerkraut, pickled ham, and fresh bread.

Toping our list at number one, the Amana Heritage Society. Learn about Amanas communal life and even see the first Amana made microwave.
The Amana Heritage Society maintains seven local heritage sites. Guides are available to answer questions and sites are open daily during the summer, Monday through Saturday.

"We have a great Museum here with artifacts so they can get a better understanding for that communal life. And we actually have exhibits up to modern day so they can see what happened after 1932 and see how are community is surviving today," said Brandy Jones of the Amana Heritage Society.
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