Prime Time League Brings College Hoops to Our Town

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa – It may be far from March Madness, but each summer fans can see their favorites from men's and women's Hawkeye hoops in Our Town North Liberty. The leagues provide competition that's hard to find for the athletes in the off season. But catching a game is easy when the teams play in your own backyard.

Basketball games can be found on any given day in the North Liberty Community Center. But as league director Randy Larson explains, the league provides fans with a first look at their favorite players, for free.
Both leagues offer college basketball athletes a place to play during the off season. It's also a place for them to develop their skills outside of a Division One setting. But, it's hardly the place for the men and women to take it easy.

"If you give them structure where they know that when they pass the ball inbounds, it's going to come back to them. They know they're not going to be the only ones screening out, they're not going to be the only one talking on screens or getting back on defense. They want to play that way," Randy said.

The league began in Iowa City, but when the community center was built in North Liberty, the program couldn't resist the draw of the new air conditioned space. And the strong love for all things Hawkeye in the community didn't hurt.

"These are the true blue supporters of your program. These are the season ticket holders. These are the people who go talk about Hawkeye basketball," Larson adds.

You can catch both leagues in action all summer long. The men's Prime Time league plays every Sunday and Thursday, while the women's Game Time league plays Mondays and Wednesdays.
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