Barrel Drive-In has been Serving Up Food Since 1966

WEST UNION, Iowa – The Barrel Drive-In is just one of a few restaurants in West Union, and what makes this one unique is that customers don't even have to get out of their cars. It's called a "Drive-In" because car hops take your order from the parking lot then deliver it on trays. To make sure those trays don't get taken away, the waitresses take down license plate numbers. The owners say no one has been arrested for stealing a tray in over 20 years. They have been the owners of the Barrel since 1971, and say the reason for the restaurant's popularity is simple.

"It's word of mouth. People have been here since 1966 so they come from all over, wherever they moved to they come back and this is the place they have to stop," said co-owner Bev Kelck. "Or that's what they tell me anyway."

Their specialty is broasted chicken which is a lot like fried chicken, only cooked in a pressure cooker instead. It takes them about 11 minutes to cook 28 pieces of chicken.
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