Hotel Julian: Serving Guests for More Than A Century

DUBUQUE, Iowa - It's rumored that a notorious mobster may have been a frequent resident of a hotel in Our Town years ago. Located on 2nd and Main Street, part of the Hotel Julien has been around for well over a century.

Some of its guests through the years have been Abraham Lincoln, Buffalo Bill, Mark Twain, and you guessed it... Al Capone. This suite you are looking at right now is named after Capone. It's said that when he stayed at the Hotel Julien he took over the entire top floor. No staff or guests were allowed on that floor when he was there, and all meals were met at the elevator then whisked away.

"The conversation is that he stayed upstairs on the 8th floor so he could watch both bridges from Wisconsin and make sure the authorities were coming to look for him," hotel manager Dwight Hopfauf said.

Many call the Hotel Julien an icon in Dubuque because of its long history, downtown location, and the fact that it's been owned by a Dubuque family since the early 1960s. It even went through revitalization at the same time as the city.
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