To The Point, with Beth Malicki

Sometimes a news story is too big to fit into a newscast.

Join KCRG-TV9's Beth Malicki as she digs deeper into local news with those closest to the story to find the answers you want.

You'll hear from city, community and business leaders to learn what action they're taking.

You'll find out what's happening now and how you can make a difference.

Together, we'll get To the Point.

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To The Point

Getting Principals out of the Office

Iowa's Governor and 60 schools around the state have embraced the SAM program. It changes how principals spend their day with the goal of getting a school's leader to focus on instructional leadership. Carol Lensing explains how the SAM program works ...Read More

"Bad" Landlord Proposal in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids is pushing for new rules on landlords to clean up properties and reduce crime. But is the city going too far? Mari Davis, a landlord and broker with properties in Linn County, explains why she's opposed to the proposed changes.

To The Point -- Examining Special Education, Orchestra Iowa Back In Paramount

Mary Crandall and Melissa Tandy of the Grant Wood Area Education Agency discuss special education programs in Iowa's public school system. Later, Robert Massey, director of Orchestra Iowa talks about the construction, renovation and comeback of t ...Read More

To The Point -- Endangered Linn County Properties

Mark Hunter, Linn County Historian and Maura Pilcher of the Linn County Historic Preservation discuss the longevity of century old buildings in the Cedar Rapids, Linn County area. Many of the historic structures, once home to thriving business, face ...Read More

To The Point -- Blue Zones Project And Living With Parkinson's Disease

Amy Thuente and Pat Baird discuss making Iowa the healthiest state in the Nation through the co-sponsored Blue Zones Project. John Krumbholz explains his Parkinson's disease diagnosis, and how it has changed his life. Crissanka Christados discuss ...Read More

To The Point -- Cedar Rapids School District

Cedar Rapids School District Superintendent Dr. David Benson and School Board member Mary Meisterling weigh in on proposed school closings after an enrollment committee found that some schools in the district are losing students.

To The Point: School Officials Discuss Scandals, Budget and the Positve Impact of Iowa Colleges

Regent Jack Evans and Regent-nominee Katie Mulholland discuss the rhabdomyolysis report, unions and their role overseeing the $4+ billion dollars budget of University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa. Steve Ovel from ...Read More

To The Point: Extreme Weather & Tobacco Products Aimed at Kids

The latest snow storm and the floods of 2008 are just part of a growing trend of extreme weather because of climate change. That's according to a new study the previous legislature ordered. Hear from two University Professors, Jerry Schnoor and Peter ...Read More

To The Point: Extending Local Option Sales Tax & Fluoride in Water

Mayor Pro-Tem Monica Vernon talks about the May special election to extend the LOST for 20 years. Tariq Balouch of the Cedar Rapids Water Treatment Plant and Bruce Jacobs of Cedar Rapids Utilities talk about UV treatment and fluoride levels in the wa ...Read More

To The Point: The Iowa Department of Education

The new director of the Iowa Department of Education, Jason Glass, talks about what he wants to reform about the state's system of teaching and learning. The Christian Science Monitor named Glass as one of the eight top reformers in education to watc ...Read More

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