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Final Analysis To Conclude “Snap Judgment”

Between Sunday, November 7 and Thursday, November 11 (this very day as I write this), our five-part series, “Snap Judgment” has brought in constant calls and e-mails to me.  Even... Read More »

Are the Speed Cameras a Black Mark for Cedar Rapids?

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - The Flood of 2008 brought volunteers and money to Cedar Rapids for recovery that still continues today. Yet are these traffic cameras also leading to Cedar Rapids getting a bad name... Read More »

Speed Cameras: Generating Revenue or Changing Habits?

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Do the speed cameras in Cedar Rapids just nab speeders and generate revenue? Or do they actually change driver's habits? According to Cedar Rapids police chief Greg Graham, the numbers... Read More »

Fort Dodge Considering Traffic Cameras, Radars

FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP) — City leaders in Fort Dodge say they're considering using cameras and radars to catch motorists who speed and run red lights. The Messenger in Fort Dodge reports that police chief... Read More »

Can You Fight a Traffic Ticket? How?

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Let’s say you do get a ticket in the mail from an incident two or three weeks before involving one of Cedar Rapids ten traffic cameras. We’ll see you were driving 68 MPH along I-380... Read More »

Cedar Rapids Traffic Cameras: 8 Months Later

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Through mid-October, the first seven months of the Cedar Rapids traffic cameras led to more than 41,000 citations issued. Cedar Rapids police chief Greg Graham has said, all along,... Read More »

Red Light Camera Ticket Database

Search the Cedar Rapids red light/speed camera database.

Central Iowa Community to Add More Red Light Cameras

CLIVE, Iowa – The Clive police have given out more than 18,000 tickets in the past two years, and that number is expected to go up in the next year, after the city installs three new red light cameras. The... Read More »

Muscatine May Get Red Light and Speed Cameras

MUSCATINE, Iowa - Muscatine may be the latest Iowa community to welcome in red light cameras. The city council was set to discuss an ordinance to add both red light and speed cameras on Thursday night. The... Read More »

NATIONAL: Houston Votes to Turn Off Red-light Cameras

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston voters have given a "red light" to the city's 70 red-light cameras. With almost all of the city's precincts reporting, 52 percent voted to turn off the cameras being used document... Read More »

Waterloo Considering Red-Light Traffic Cameras

WATERLOO, Iowa - The city is entertaining plans for cameras to catch and ticket speeding motorists and those running red lights. Waterloo City Council members received a sales pitch Monday from representatives... Read More »

WATCH: Red Light Camera Captures Crash

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Police on Thursday released video of a rollover crash captured by one of the newly installed red light cameras. No one was injured in the crash, which happened at 9:40 a.m. Wednesday... Read More »

Another Rollover Crash Caught on Traffic Camera After Red Light Violation

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A traffic camera captured another rollover crash that began when a sport-utility vehicle ran a red light Wednesday morning, police said. No one was injured in the accident at 42nd... Read More »

Rollover Crash Begins With Car Running Red Light As Camera Watched

CEDAR RAPIDS -- A young man driving north ran a red light while a camera was watching Tuesday morning, leading to a rollover crash in northeast Cedar Rapids. Police were called to the accident at the... Read More »

Red Light Camera on Center Point Road Will Go Live At Midnight

CEDAR RAPIDS - Nearly all of the red light camera systems will be live when another one starts snapping pictures tonight at midnight. Police will be now be monitoring northbound traffic on Center Point... Read More »

Red Light Cameras Turned off in South Dakota, Less Likely in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS - Red light cameras were turned off Friday in Sioux Falls, S.D. after a circuit judge’s decision that the city’s ordinance conflicts with state law. But the lawyer involved in Iowa’s most... Read More »

Red Light Cameras Nab Police Cars Speeding

CEDAR RAPIDS - The Police Department’s new cadre of red-light and speed enforcement cameras are catching the enforcers, too. Cedar Rapids Police Chief Greg Graham reports that the enforcement cameras... Read More »

Questions About Red-Light Cameras? Answers May Be An E-Mail Away

Relatively few residents have e-mailed Cedar Rapids police with their questions about the new automated enforcement cameras. Read More »

Replay Chat: Cedar Rapids Police on Red Light and Speed Cameras

Want to chat about Cedar Rapids’ red light and speed enforcement cameras? Join us for a live chat from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday. Cedar Rapids Police Capt. Steve O’Konek and Lt. Jeff Hembera will be on... Read More »

Speed Cameras On Interstate 380 Going Live Saturday

CEDAR RAPIDS -- Speeders on Interstate 380 will be ticketed starting Saturday if they are caught by the automatic enforcement camera. The cameras are monitoring northbound traffic near the Diagonal... Read More »

Cedar Rapids Cameras Generate 1,240 Tickets in First Month

CEDAR RAPIDS – Red light and speed cameras are catching enough violations to issue an average of 41 tickets per day, police said Wednesday. Three red light cameras and a mobile speed vehicle have been... Read More »

VIDEO: Caught by the Red Light Camera

CEDAR RAPIDS - Four red light cameras are rolling in Cedar Rapids, and more will be live in the next few weeks. If the cameras catch you, you’ll get a citation in the mail like the one below. It will... Read More »

Heads Up: Fourth Red Light Camera Goes Live Today

CEDAR RAPIDS -- A fourth red light camera in Cedar Rapids will start catching traffic violators this morning. The camera, at Second Avenue and Third Street Southwest, officially went live at midnight.It... Read More »

No More Warnings: Police to Start Issuing Tickets for Violations Caught By Red Light Cameras

CEDAR RAPIDS - Starting Sunday, a violation caught on Cedar Rapids red light cameras will get you a ticket. Police officers will review each violation and decide whether it warrants a ticket. Until... Read More »

Third Red Light Camera Goes Up in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS - A third red light camera is up and running in Cedar Rapids at Second Avenue and Sixth Street SW. The camera went live on Monday, according to the city of Cedar Rapids. The cameras at... Read More »

Can A Spray Shield You From Red Light Cameras?

CEDAR RAPIDS – Just about everyone occasionally speeds or even accidentally runs a red light. Now, a series of cameras keep the streets of Cedar Rapids under surveillance twenty-four hours a day, seven... Read More »

REPLAY CHAT: CR Police on Red Light Cameras

Cedar Rapids police Capt. Steve O’Konek and Sgt. Cristy Hamblin participated in an online chat about red light cameras Thursday on and The highlights: * A red light violation... Read More »

Over 30 Get Red Light Warnings After Camera Installation

CEDAR RAPIDS - Red light cameras have photographed more than 30 motorists since the first one went live in Cedar Rapids 11 days ago, police said Tuesday. Two intersections are now monitored on 10th... Read More »

Traffic Cameras get Green Light, Drivers will get Warnings

CEDAR RAPIDS - The green light has been given to turn on the first red light and speed cameras in Cedar Rapids. At midnight the project that has been in the works for more than a year will occur when... Read More »

Study: Traffic Cameras Reduce Accidents at Intersections

AMES - A new study says traffic cameras are effective in reducing crashes at intersections. Iowa State University conducted pilot studies in Council Bluffs and Davenport. Both cities use the so called... Read More »

Red-light Camera to be Tested for Positioning

CEDAR RAPIDS - The first flashes from the first of the city’s red-light enforcement cameras may go off as soon as Tuesday at First Avenue East and 10th Street, Capt. Steve O’Konek said Monday. Those... Read More »

Cedar Rapids Installing First Red-Light Cameras Today

CEDAR RAPIDS -- If all goes well, the first red-light cameras in Cedar Rapids will be in place today. The first two cameras are going up on 10th Street SE at the intersection with First Avenue East,... Read More »

Cedar Rapids Police Reveal Red Light Camera Locations

CEDAR RAPIDS - Cedar Rapids Police say they don't want drivers to complain they weren't warned.

Police on Thursday released locations of the new red light cameras that will go up sometime in... Read More »

Red Light Cameras Coming to Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS - The Cedar Rapids city council approved installing traffic cameras in town to catch speeders and other traffic violations. Gatso USA will install four cameras within the next three months,... Read More »

Council Spat Slows Cedar Rapids Red Light Cameras

CEDAR RAPIDS - Red light cameras are soon coming to Cedar Rapids. But a spat between two council members and city staff is slowing that process. The Gazette reports council members Justin Shields and... Read More »

CR Traffic Cameras Going Up in 40-60 Days

CEDAR RAPIDS (AP) - The first red-light cameras could be in place in Cedar Rapids within a couple months. Police Capt. Steve O'Konek says the first camera should be ready within 40 to 60 days... Read More »

Vendor Selected for Cedar Rapids Red Light Cameras

CEDAR RAPIDS - The Cedar Rapids Police Department has selected a vendor for the red light cameras. The Police and Traffic Engineering Departments will meet soon with Gatso USA of Beverly, MA, and begin... Read More »

Cameras to Catch Speeders on I-380

CEDAR RAPIDS - Cedar Rapids Police Chief Greg Graham is issuing a warning for drivers who speed on Interstate 380. Graham tells The Gazette he'll use the new red-light enforcement cameras to catch speeders,... Read More »

Red Light Camera Discussion Planned in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS- A plan to start using automated cameras to issue tickets at some Cedar Rapids intersections will get a public airing at two open houses beginning Tuesday. Cedar Rapids Police proposed... Read More »

Cedar Rapids to Hold Red Light Camera Open House

CEDAR RAPIDS - The public is encouraged to attend an Open House for the Red Light Cameras that are being purchased by the City of Cedar Rapids. There will be two opportunities for the public to view and... Read More »

Clive Plans to Greenlight Red-Light Cameras

CLIVE (AP) - City leaders will turn on the red-light cameras that went dark last year. The Iowa Supreme Court ruled in August that the cameras were legal. Clive City Manager Dennis Henderson says... Read More »

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