Some Shoppers Stocking up on Milk as "The Dairy Cliff Looms"

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - As the Fiscal Cliff looms, Many Iowans are also focused on what some are calling the "dairy cliff"

Part of the fiscal cliff includes a new farm bill. Without a deal soon, milk prices could possibly double.

On Monday, the House and Senate Ag committees reached a deal to avoid that by extending the farm bill for one year. But House leaders have yet to even schedule a vote.

The busy new year's eve rush is on in Hy-Vee's liquor aisle.
But the title of the day's "most purchased drink", champagne might have some competition.

Randy Bublitz said, "I can't eat with beer or nothing like that. I got have milk with my meals. "

A few aisles away milk is flying off the shelves.

Shopper Jeff Montgomery said, "I have heard if the fiscal cliff thing doesn't go through were going to be paying like $8 for a gallon of milk. It's ridiculous. "

Julie Bryan said, "I will still buy it. I still would serve it in my home. Just because I feel it's important for my kids and our health. "

"It's for bones and growth", said Montgomery. It's calcium and it's just important. "

It's Important enough for some to grab an extra gallon of milk, just in case.

"I'll probably stuck up as much as I can. I don't like to stock up too much because it goes bad before I get it all drank up," said Bublitz.
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