WATCH: SUV Drives Over Squad Car After Maryland Chase

Here's another reason to thank those who protect and serve.

An officer pursuing a carjacked SUV has a night he'll never forget.

Montgomery County, Maryland police Officer Seth Carson was chasing this white SUV July 22 when the thieves crashed the vehicle - or so Carson thought.

Then like something out of a monster truck show, the SUV pulls into reverse and tries to run over the squad car.

"First I admitted this is great, 'cause the driver's side door is pinned on the door, and the passenger's side is pinned on the bridge, they can't get out," Carson said. "They can't even run. And next thing you know I see a reverse, that's my call, this is good, and it came at me, and first I thought if it hit me, it would just hit me, I didn't think it would drive over me like Bigfoot."

With help from other officers, Carson caught the three suspects.

Carson said the first thing he did afterward was call his wife so she wouldn't worry.
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