Woman Explains Why She Called 911 60 Times in One Day

By Mark Geary, Reporter


By Becky Ogann

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - 911 tapes released Monday reveal what caused police to arrest a Cedar Rapids woman for harassment. Donya Humbles called 911 sixty times in a matter of hours.

Humbles says she got word that her son was hurt and in police custody. So, she went to the police station to get more information. She told TV9 officers couldn’t give her any details, so she dialed 911 looking for answers.

When Humbles dialed 911 the first few times, she asked for information about her son’s whereabouts.

She heard her son was arrested after he allegedly got into a fight at school. At the time, a sergeant wasn’t available. So, Humbles kept calling. Each time, the conversation got more heated because she wasn’t getting any information about her son.

911 Transcript:

HUMBLES: “I will come up there, baby. You don’t know who you’re f***in with, home girl. I was just there.”

OPERATOR: “Then come up here. We’re at 505 First St.”

HUBMLES: “B****, I will come to your house. I know where you live. We’re all neighbors. I’ll come, eat dinner with you, boo boo, and expose you to your family.”

Operators told her to stop calling 911, but she kept dialing.

911 Transcript:

OPERATOR: “I’m going to let you know right now, if you continue to call, you will be charged and arrested.”

911 Communications Director Charlie McClintock said, “If we have four people working and two or three trying to answer 911 and you’re tying up resources, it does create a problem.”

Within a matter of hours, Humbles called 60 times. She doesn’t regret it.

“60 calls? I would have called 1,000 times to check on my son’s behalf,” she said, “This is an emergency. It might not be an emergency to you, but it’s an emergency to me. The last time I saw my son was at 7:00 in the morning and he was fine.”

At one point, Humbles even appeared to threaten the operator.

911 Transcript:

HUMBLES: “If I find out you’re lying to me, we’re going to have a mother f***in problem.”

OPERATOR: “Are you threatening me, ma’am?”

HUMBLES: “No, this is a promise. This ain’t no threat.”

OPERATOR: “You know you’re on recorded line, right?”

HUMBLES: “I don’t care.”

Humbles says she probably could have chosen her words more carefully, but insists the only reason she kept calling was because she was terrified about her son.

“I’m Jamal’s mom and I need to know what’s going on with him at all times,” she said.

Humbles eventually found out her son was doing fine and being held at a detention center. But, she got arrested and taken to jail for harassing the 911 call center. She pled guilty to the charge and paid a fine.

Police say in these kinds of situations, people should dial the non-emergency number instead: 319.286.5491.

Please be advised, the calls contain inappropriate language. If you do not want to be exposed to swearing, please do not click on the links.

You can listen to the recorded calls here and here.

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