Wintry Mix Possible As System Moves Across Midwest

By Justin Gehrts, Meteorologist

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A light wintry mix will move across Eastern Iowa this evening and overnight. The main problem area will be near and north of Highway 20. To the south of there, temperatures will be warm enough for much, if not all, of the precipitation to fall as rain.

In the north, temperatures will hover close enough to freezing that a wintry mix is likely. Rain, sleet, and freezing rain are all possible. Icing will be more likely in locations that have more snow left over, helping to keep the air near the ground cool. Rural roads that are less traveled also will have a better chance of dealing with some icing.

Any freezing precipitation that does fall will not be as heavy as it was a couple of Sundays ago, and its coating won't be as thick. However, it just takes a thin glaze to cause roads and sidewalks to become very slick. A little wet snow is possible as precipitation begins, but any accumulation will be minor, if there is any.
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