Which is Safer, Debit or Credit Card?


By Larry Burkum

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - After the massive data breach at Target, you may be wondering whether a credit card or debit card offers more protection in case of fraud.

Turns out, a credit card is safer to use.

Analysts say with a credit card, you'll be on the hook for less money if there's fraud. The law says you're only liable for 50 dollars with a credit card. But you could be liable for 500 dollars or more on a debit card, depending on how quickly you report the fraud.

And with a credit card, the fraudulent charge can be wiped off your account immediately. But you might not get the money back for a couple weeks with a debit card.

Whether you choose debit or credit, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself:

-Check your activity online every few days.
-Set up account alerts: many financial companies will let you block transactions over a certain dollar amount.
-And be careful about using a debit card online or at gas stations and ATMs. Those are places thieves tend to target.
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