Wacky Weather Keeps Dubuque Students Out of School

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - It's been an off again, on again kind of week for students in Dubuque. On Monday, Dubuque community schools were closed due to an ice storm. With record temperatures on Tuesday, some students walked to school without wearing coats. After school students got caught in the rain. On Wednesday schools were closed, once again. This time because of the almost five inches of snow that fell on Dubuque.

In a rare move, Clarke University even cancelled classes.

It's funny how a few inches of snow turns men into little boys. Especially when classes are cancelled.

Clarke University Student Quentin Johnson said, "When we found out classes were called off, we all ran out into the halls and woke up everyone else. It was pretty exciting. "

For many of the first year students at Clarke University, the recent weather pattern is anything but typical.

Johnson said, "yesterday I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, now I am all bundled up."

This is the first time in several years the University has cancelled all classes for the entire day.

Clarke University Student Bryan Harris said, "To go from t-shirt and shorts to having to bundle up right now. I've never had that happen. "

While this weather is first for many, a little game of two hand touch football in the snow, takes them right back to the familiar.

"we always have a little kid in us," said Harris "we see snow we want to play. "

Because of Wednesday's cancellation, The last day of classes for the Dubuque community schools is now set for June 6th.
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