Volunteers Making Progress Filling Waterloo Potholes

By Sarah McCarthy, Reporter

WATERLOO, Iowa - Scott Jordan is picking up a shovel and spending his weekends making the roads in Waterloo a little safer, one street corner at a time.

"It's just a small way you can give back to your community," said Jordan.

He says he recognized a need for the pothole filling project about a decade ago but this year it has been especially important.

"The frost got 6 foot to 6 and a half foot down, very unusual," said Jordan. "So when it starts to come up it has so much force, it's so deep so that's why you see so many more."

In just four weekends this year the project has filled about 3,000 holes, but there's more to go.

"We'll never fill all the potholes, but after this weekend we'll have 3-500 less," Jordan said.

And even though the job never ends, volunteers say they're glad they can help.

"There's a lot of people that appreciate it and express their thanks," said Thomas McIntee, a volunteer that works with Jordan.

The group will be working on the potholes for at least another two weekends. They plan to continue the project next year.
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