New Statistics Reveal Traffic Camera Leeway

By Dave Franzman, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS - Statistics from the first seven months of traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids showed the city making a lot more money than expected. But the numbers also show something else.

Drivers who look at the data can get a clue just how much you can speed over the limit without getting a citation.

The fixed speed cameras on I-380 have generated the most tickets by far. Currently, the total is 16,196. The cameras are positioned in two locations on the downtown stretch of I-380 where the speed limit is 55-miles-per-hour.

But out of all those speeding citations, no one's gotten a ticket for going slower than 67-miles per hour. That's 12-miles-an-hour over the limit.

Cedar Rapids Police Spokesperson Sgt. Cristy Hamblin said police still won't come out and say how much "slack" is built into the system. But Hamblin noted "if they are on the interstate and they receive a citation—they're flying and they deserve one."

The trigger speed on side streets seems to vary a bit. One camera at an Edgewood Road intersection, where the speed limit is 40-miles-per-hour, has not issued a ticket for anything less than a speed of 52-miles-per-hour.

But several streets with 35-mile-an-hour limits will ticket for either six or seven miles over the limit.

Sgt. Hamblin said police have the ability to re-set the system for a different speed tolerance. So the statistics so far are no guarantee. Still, police have not indicated they will make any changes.
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