Teens Could Face Federal Charges in Killing of Bald Eagle

GRINNELL, Iowa - Two Iowa teens may face federal charges for killing a bald eagle.

The Poweshiek county sheriff says the 15-year-olds were driving around in the country after school and shooting at things.

A witness was looking out her window when she says she saw something fall out of the tree in her front yard. Investigators say it was a bald eagle the boys reportedly shot.

The animal was taken to a veterinarian for treatment but died as a result of its injuries.

"A senseless thing like this there's just no good reason. If they fly into a guywire an electrical wire or something that's just and accident but this was just a deliberate malicious," said veterinarian K.C. Cornish.

The teens are already facing charges for carrying loaded weapons in a car and firing a weapon near an occupied building.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Iowa Department of Natural Resources are investigating the case.
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