Students March with Pink and Green Ribbons to Show Community Support

By Addison Speck, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Dozens of high school students marched their way around Kingston Stadium on Saturday for the fall Marching band festival.

But it was two schools that caught the attention of the crowd. South Tama County High School and Benton Community High School took the opportunity to show their support for two families who need it most by wearing ribbons.

As South Tama County High School's Marching Band took the field, each member made sure every step, every twirl, and every beat was for two of their own. "We belted it out today, we wanted to show everyone that we are doing this for Ian and Sabrina," said Carrie Cibula, a Junior in the marching band.

The two ribbons honored two kids. The green one, for Ian McFate, 13, who was hit by a vehicle early this week during cross country practice. He later died from his injuries.

The pink one, for Sabrina Betz, who we're told has been sick in a hospital for several weeks.

"We just want her family and Ian's family to know we are thinking of them and we want those two to know we are thinking of them and that their legacy lives on," said Grace Kavalier, a Senior in the marching band.

"I think it's pretty awesome that we could come together as a family and do this for them," added Kelsey Kupka, a Senior in the color guard.

Students expressed just how much they wanted to show both families involved how much they care.

Benton Community High School also wanted to show their support, putting rivalry aside, they too marched with pink and green. "For them to do this as well and show support to our family is just really great that they care about us so much, said Taylen Anderson, a Junior in the marching band.

While the ribbons may have been hard to spot from the stands, South Tama's spirit did not go unnoticed. Making this Saturday more than about who offered the best performance, but about the group that offered the best message. "It's a nice way for the community to look after the families," said Cibula.
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