Stop the Hate

By Lauren Dewitte, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa-- This week, Loras College students are coming together to Stop the Hate. Each day students of Loras College and the public are invited to different events and classes to rally to end violence against one another. Not only does Stop the Hate try to prevent violence from occurring, but the group is also teaching people what to do if violence does occur.

For Cody Arnold, taking kicks and punches to the chest wasn't always this easy.

"I think the fact that I didn't really fight back that much encouraged people to pick on me a little bit. " said Arnold.

As a quiet little boy, who just wanted to keep to himself, Arnold like many Americans was bullied when he was younger. he learned to fight back.

"I started fighting back and people realize wow we can't attack a target that fight back. " said Arnold.

But Arnold quickly realized he didn't want to switch roles, and attack anyone. He just wanted to use self defense, that's when Arnold enrolled in martial arts and self defense classes. Tonight, Arnold and another student teacher helped teach these lessons to those willing to listen.

"Being safe is the most important thing so we really hope that tonight people can learn ways to defend themselves if they ever were in a unsafe situation so that that way they can feel safe walking down the street and feel confident in who they are and their abilities. " said Brittany Seyller, President of O.V.E.R.

However, Arnold hopes the lessons taught tonight, are never used.

"Ideally the best fighters don't fight and this is only use in a last situation scenario " said Arnold.

Loras College's Stop the Hate Week will continue through Friday.
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