Springville Mayor Hopes For Safer Intersection, Soon

By Brady Smith, Reporter

LINN COUNTY, Iowa - The Highway 151 and Springville Road is an intersection that's claimed lives and injured dozens more in recent years. For Springville mayor Rick Heeren, making the intersection safer is still a priority, but he says the solution has been elusive.

Heeren thinks raising the road on either side of the intersection or lowering the road at the intersection itself would mean better visibility all-around.

"If they lowered that down or raised the other side up a little bit and added acceleration and deceleration lanes so people could get out of the way, I think that would solve most of the problem," Heeren said.

That's a proposal he recently brought to the Iowa Department of Transportation, but he's still waiting to hear back about how feasible it would be. There are current safety measures in place: flashing yellow lights and a lower speed limit.

Others have proposed an interchange with an overpass that would force people to take a ramp. However, Mayor Heeren fears that would be bad for local business. "Then you're messing with the church, the new Casey's, and the new bank, making that a dead-end street," said Heeren.

The Linn County Sheriff's office said in a release Monday that the people involved in Monday morning's accident, Annette Clark, 47, of Springville and a 12-year-old passenger were taken to St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids with non-life threatening injuries. Deputies said the driver of the other vehicle did not sustain any injuries. Clark was cited for failure to yield and and failing to wear a safety belt.
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