Seniors Complete an iPad Training Course

By Nadia Crow, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - It's a challenge to keep up with the latest technology. But over the past month, a group of seniors haven't let age get in the way.

About 15 people, 65 and older, came to the Witwer Senior Center to participate in a four part series. The "iPad Class for Seniors" helped them learn basic tasks like turning on the tablet and learning how to use the touchscreen.

They also learned more challenging skills like downloading apps and taking pictures. 73-year-old Sandy Nassif says she won an iPad in a contest last year, but never used it until she came to class.

"I feel very confident now in turning it on turning it off and sliding my hand across to make it go. I'm very very glad I took the class. My grandkids said I could do it, but I said at my age it's hard to catch on," said senior student Sandy Nassif.

Tuesday wrapped up the month-long class. The oldest student was 85 years old. Witwer staff say they'll do another set of classes if there's enough interest.
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