Riverside Mayor Says Linn County Casino Would Take "Triple Digit Jobs"

By Mark Carlson, Reporter

RIVERSIDE, Iowa - A Linn County casino will take more than 100 jobs from Washington County, Riverside Mayor Bill Poch said Monday.

"Linn County and Cedar Rapids stand to gain 500 to 600 jobs or more, that's great and I believe that," Poch said. "But the flip side of that coin will be that Riverside and Washington County will definitely lose triple digit numbers, which leads to more of a loss in a county that's 25-30 thousand [in population]."

Poch said he is standing with the Riverside Casino in opposing a Linn County casino because it would have a "substantial" impact on the area.

"I'm doing what any mayor would do, and that is standing up for the community making sure that we have jobs," said Poch.

Riverside Casino owner Dan Kehl said last week that his casino stands to lose 30 percent in business if a Linn County casino is built.
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