Ride Along: Ambulances Battle Traffic To Get To The Scene

By Mark Carlson, Reporter

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Ambulance calls in Johnson County have climbed 12 percent since July, according to data from the Johnson County Ambulance Service.

"We've been busy, and when you're busy you stay geared up," said
Steve Spenler, director of Johnson County Ambulance Service.

While the call volume has increased, response times have also slightly improved, Spenler said.

The increase workload comes as more traffic continues to crowd the growing Johnson County roadways.

"It can get frustrating," said Andrew Farrell, a paramedic of 6-years who often encounters drivers who don't follow proper emergency vehicle pull-over procedures. "They're not doing it on purpose, it's a matter of they didn't hear us or didn't see us."

Johnson County chairperson Janelle Rettig said she's impressed by the work of the county ambulance service, and credits continual training for their success.
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