Rainy Weather Dampens Memorial Day for Campers

By Nadia Crow, Reporter

SOLON, Iowa-All that wet weather put a damper on Memorial Day weekend plans at Lake MacBride Park where soggy weather saturated the holiday.

From the looks of it, the Lorson Family might be the only ones hanging out fishing off Coralville Lake. The whole Lorson gang, Grandpa Ed and his sons, and grandsons, some from Missouri others from Iowa, all gathered here to celebrate what they'd hope would be a sunny and warm weekend.

"Nice 70s and 80s, not overcast and 60," said fisherman Zach Lorson.

"I'm not so much of a fisherman but we do it with them," said fisherman Ed Lorson.

And they caught plenty of fish. It's one of the silver linings on this dreary Memorial Day.

"Don't see any boats out here so it's a little bit quieter than it was last year," said Ed Lorson.

Memorial Day means big boat business here at Lack MacBride but so far they've only rented out about a handful.

"Usually they take reservations and they're booked for the weekend especially for the pontoon boats and there's a lot of activity down at the boat rental area," said Lake MacBride Park Ranger Gwen Prentice.

Plenty of boats left over, but no one to rent them. It's also scarce at the campgrounds are at Sugar Bottom.

"Since its Memorial Day, everybody would be out playing bags drinking, having a good time," said camper Heather Hurt.

But instead, Heather Hurt and her mother have plenty of elbow room to enjoy the soggy grounds. Their camp neighbors fled, leaving behind their tent and cooking equipment, after consistent rains and high winds.

"One of their bars of the tent collapsed and all the water from the rain went into the tent," said Hurt.

Two weeks before Memorial Day, Lake MacBride reached full capacity at more than 105 campsites booked. And not sticking it out, means the end of the holiday, and money lost.

"There is no refunds because of the weather," said Prentice.
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