Waterloo Pit Bull Owners Gather To Advocate For Breed

WATERLOO, Iowa - Waterloo city leaders are concerned pit bulls are becoming a big problem in the city, but pit bull owners in the area don't believe that's true.

About eight bull breed owners were out walking their dogs in downtown Waterloo Monday evening. This all to send the message that not every pit bull is vicious. The group decided to walk together after the city council started looking into regulating pit bulls.

"We are not all bad we are out here to have a good time enjoy our dogs and show that they can be beautiful companions instead of mindless missiles that some people tend to think they are," pit bull owner Garrett Arnold said.

A council committee tasked with coming up with pit bull regulations recently dissolved. The Waterloo mayor says he is asking Animal Control for some possible ordinance suggestions.

KCRG-TV9 spoke to two victims of pit bull attacks last week. That includes, Vivien Brookman, who suffered 200 bites on August 27th.
Brookman said the pit bull problems in Waterloo aren't a breed issue, but an owner issue.
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