Vote 2012: Paul Ryan says "I Wanted Iowa"

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan felt at home Monday night. He held a rally for supporters at the Loras College Fieldhouse in Dubuque, just a couple of hours from his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. His grandfather even attended Loras.

That is how Ryan tried to connect to voters, but Iowan's weren't having it. In fact, many talked to said it just isn't a big deal where Ryan or Romney or Biden or Obama are from. It's the policies that matter.

"it makes is coo,l but it doesn't make it important that he's from Wisconsin," said Mike Baker of Platteville, WI. "I'm a college student and I'm going to need a job soon and I feel the Romney/Ryan plan is much better than the Obama plan."

When asked why Mitt Romney is not in eastern Iowa more often, Ryan replied, "I said I'll go to Iowa. Iowa is next to my hometown. My wife has a lot of family here so when we are criss crossing the country, I asked for the job of going to Iowa because I feel at home here." Romney was in Dubuque in June and, most recently, visited the Quad Cities in August.
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