Parents Push "Yes" Vote for Western Dubuque Schools

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

EPWORTH, Iowa — Administrators at the Western Dubuque School District needs voters to pass a $16.5 million bond issue for school renovations and improvements. The district also wants approval of a $7.5 million levy for equipment and facilities. If not those items aren't approved, administrators will have to wait eight years to make what parents say are much needed upgrades

The district wants to build a auditorium for the fine arts program at the high school, just one school improvement parents say needs to happen. Parents say school building safety is another issue, anyone can walk right through the front door without being buzzed in.

Mark Tilson is a Western Dubuque parent and heads up the "Our Future Now" committee. He and other parents are trying to spread the word about the upcoming vote. They want voters to understand a yes vote will not equal a tax increase. "It's money we know is going to be coming in the future," Tilson said. "It's just using it now when interest rates are extremely low instead of waiting five years from now when $1 million buys much less than it does now."

District Administrators say they need voter's permission to access funds the schools already have. Superintendent Jeff Corkery has held a half dozen town hall meeting to explain all that to voters. He said most of those have been very poorly attended.
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