Palo to Temporarily Fix for Roads

PALO, Iowa - An ongoing effort to connect everyone in Palo to a new community water system left some streets a mess.

After citizen complaints, the Palo city council came up with a solution Monday night.

There is not enough time this fall to make all the repairs where the town buried new water lines, so Palo will do a temporary fix now, and finish next spring.

"When they heard what we had to say, that we really want to address the drainage as well as the streets at the same time, you can't have one without the other, they felt that seal coating was the right thing to do," Palo City Councilman Micah Mogle said. "They agreed with our decision. I think we got a solution that everybody can be happy with."

Palo residents who have not connected to the new city water system have until November 15th to do so or face fines.
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