Mount Mercy University Honors Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

By Jillian Petrus, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - On Monday, people took a moment to remember the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting during a prayer service at Mount Mercy University.

The tragedy in Connecticut is beyond comprehension. In cases where there is no simple explanation, Sister Shari Sutherland says it's natural to look for comfort in faith. People bowed their heads in prayer at the Chapel of Mercy to honor the 20 children and 6 adults killed last Friday.

"Prayer takes us to a place nothing else takes us to," Sister Sutherland said.

We've seen this all over the country in the past week. People honoring the Connecticut shooting victims through faith. Attending candlelight vigils and prayer services from Dubuque to Cedar Rapids. It seems the entire country is trying to find some meaning in their spiritual or religious beliefs.

"Especially during hard times when it's hard to understand," said Jerica Christensen, a junior at MMU who attended the prayer service. "I think people turn to their faith just for comfort and peace to know they can get through."

Both women said this is just part of our nation's history. We look toward religion to draw strength when there are no easy explanations. President Obama's emphasis on his own beliefs encourages the nation to do the same during this exceptionally difficult time.

"I think it hits home for him because he has children of his own," said Christensen.

Sister Sutherland said she thinks the President's continued remarks on faith are helping everyone cope.

"It's again where we go as a people," she said. "The questions are almost unanswerable, rather they are unanswerable."
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