Marion Family Loses Belongings and Christmas Gifts To Waste Water

By Addison Speck, Reporter

MARION, Iowa - A Marion family is without a place to call home after waste water started backing up into their apartment on Wednesday. The family said just after 6 a.m., the water started seeping in, and it never stopped.

"We tried to push the water to the drain and it came squirting up," Katie Libby said.

The family of five is unsure when or if they will get back into their apartment. On Thursday, Libby and her boyfriend Derrick Knight walked around their apartment and you could see their shoes sink in the saturated carpet. The two were devastated as they looked around at what remains.

"The only stuff that isn't lost is whatever is on the top of my closet because everything else is wet," Libby said.

The couple tried to move rugs, furniture, and belongings but much of their stuff was ruined. "It even came from behind my fridge, I don't even know how that happens," Libby said.

The water also damaged the toys Libby's three children unwrapped just two days ago.

"The worst part is my kids, because I used all my money for Christmas and now they have no toys to show for it," she said.

Christmas decorations still hung in the apartment on Thursday, but most of the family's holiday spirit washed away with their belongings.

"It's just me and my kids, I mean I don't have money to just say 'OK, let's go move over here, guys,'" said Libby.

The City of Marion came to the apartment on Thursday and posted signs that said "Do Not Occupy". The Code compliance coordinator informed the family they couldn't stay at the apartment complex until the problem was completely fixed.

The landlord of the complex Ron Digmann said people were already working to fix the apartment and he expects all the water to be drained out by tomorrow. Digmann said it's still unclear what caused the problem or when the apartment will be ready for people to move back in.
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