Man Claims Photo Shows Sleeping Anamosa Officer

By Forrest Saunders, Reporter

ANAMOSA, Iowa - A man in Anamosa claims he spotted a local police officer asleep on duty. He said he has a picture that proves it.

Dillon Meier said the incident happened around 4 a.m. Wednesday, in the parking lot of Jones County Abstract and Title. Meier said he was removing snow from the lot when he noticed an Anamosa Police car parked nearby, that hadn't moved for about an hour.

"Car was sitting back up, backed up in there, tight to the building. Went to move it and the cop was sleeping in it," said Meier.

Meier said his friend shot a video of the sleeping officer and then took a picture.

"Completely asleep, took video, had the skid loader lights on the car," said Meier.

KCRG contacted the Anamosa Police Department for comment. Officials told us they couldn't confirm whether the photo showed one of their officers, but said the department will be investigating the situation.

Those KCRG talked to in town had mixed feelings about the photo. Some doubted its authenticity.

"How do you know it's an Anamosa Police officer?" asked Jackie Gonzeles. "I wouldn't believe a professional like that would be somebody that would fall asleep."

"If he's on duty and he's doing it, I wouldn't be too happy with him," said Joe Mausser. "I know we're not paying for him to sleep on duty."

In 2011, something similar happened in Cedar Rapids. A police officer was photographed snoozing on duty in his squad car after finishing a burglary report. He was later disciplined.

Whether or not the Anamosa photo is a picture of the same thing is still in question for some, but not Meier.

"Pretty unfortunate considering all the break-ins we've been having downtown. Not good timing," said Meier.
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