Man Arrested for Assualt After Fight at Red Baron Bar

By Christy Aumer, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A Cedar Rapids man is accused of slicing a man with a knife and punching a woman near a Cedar Rapids bar Thursday evening, authorities said.

Kenny L. Wesbrook, 33, of 1118 K St. SW, has been charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon and assault causing bodily injury after the incident just before midnight at Red Baron Bar and Dance Club, 62 16th Avenue SW. When officers arrived on the scene, he had lacerations on his head and was being detained by others at the bar.

Red Baron Bar and Dance Club owner, Baron Stark, said patrons were attempting to subdue Wesbrook as he began knocking stuff over, running all over the place and swinging around a paddle lock the size of a baseball. "He had a lock and a knife, tensions were high, you don't know if he's got a gun or something else," Stark said. "He went 'berserko'."

According to a police report, Richard Lacy, 23, of Cedar Rapids, had gone outside of the bar when he saw a fight and tried to break it up when Wesbrook used a knife to cut his left arm, leaving a laceration. Westbrook also struck Hallie Schloss, 28, of Cedar Rapids, in the face as he was trying to leave the bar, leaving a bump above her eye, police said.

Lacy was taken to St. Luke's Hospital for the wound on his arm, and while he was there, police discovered marijuana in his possession. He was later charged and released. Wesbrook was treated at Mercy Medical Center for his injuries, and then taken to the Linn County Jail.
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