Local DAV Taking Donations to Fund Van for Veterans

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - One Cedar Rapids group is aiming to raise money to buy a new van to transport veterans to the VA Hospital in Iowa City.

Members of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 10 were parked on the outskirts of Cedar Rapids, Sunday. They set up shop at two rest stops along I-380 -- handing out coffee, donuts and water all while taking donations to fund a new van. The group racks up high mileage driving between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and try to trade the van in every five years. The DAV saves up, then Ford typically helps out with a discount -- and has been for a long time.

"Henry Ford found out they didn't have transportation so he would send his model A's and Model T's out and pick up disabled vets and take them to the convention," DAV Chapter 10 member Lyle Dean, said.

DAV Chapter 10 hopes to raise $14,000 for a new van. Donations are welcome at the Elks Lodge in Cedar Rapids or at this phone number (319)- 743 - 5563.
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