Linn County Powerball Players Superstitious About Cedar Rapids Hy-Vee

By Jillian Petrus, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - In June, 20 Quaker Oats employees won a 241-million dollar jackpot.

That winning ticket came from the Edgewood Road HyVee in Cedar Rapids. So it's no surprise we found some local powerball players purchasing their powerball tickets at that same Hy-Vee on Wednesday.

The jackpot was at 320-million dollars.

"I'm just hoping history repeats itself," joked Phil Ritchie, "I know they had some good luck, i've never played here before, but I know they had good luck and I was hoping it'd maybe work my way."

When it comes to playing the lottery, you can never be too superstitious said Connie Jacobson.

"We have one guy in our shop who is lucky at the casino, so we feel lucky!" she said.

Just like the Quaker Oats 'Shipping 20', Jacobson purchased 20 tickets for her co-workers at Streff Electric in Cedar Rapids.

"Quite a few of them know some of the employees who worked at Quaker that won," Jacobson explained, "so it's kind of been around the shop the last few days, and I was the one picked to buy the tickets."

And if powerball glory comes their way?

"We'd probably close the shop and retire," Jacobson laughed.

But does the Edgewood Road HyVee hold some key to a big powerball win!?

Who knows.

Carrol Ray who also played her ticket at the local grocery store said the hopes are high no matter where you play your hand.

"It's kind of a piece of a dream, ya know? I'm sure everyone who buys a ticket thinks the same thing - I'm going to win, these are my lucky numbers."
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