Jones County Sheriff Explains Why Aaron Scott Wasn't Charged in 2007 Shooting

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - New details are emerging why the man who shot a Maquoketa Police Officer on Tuesday was never charged in a 2007 shooting.

Aaron Scott,30 died yesterday morning after investigators say he exchanged gun fire with the officer, wounding him during a traffic stop in Maquoketa.

Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver distinctively remembers the first time he met Aaron Scott in November, 2007.

"Basically Mr. Aaron Scott was intoxicated and made several calls about wanting to harm himself," said Graver.

At the time Graver was an investigator for the Sheriff's Department. He says a group of Scott's friends showed up at Scott's rural Wyoming home to try to calm him down.

Graver said "He grabbed (his friend's) arm trying to keep him from trying to commit suicide. There was kind of a wrestling match for the gun. The gun ended up discharging and striking the victim standing up towards the vehicle. "

The bullet got caught in Justin Mohr's spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

"The question that became really unique in this case was, a lot of the criminal code, especially under the firearm section talks about the intent to shoot the firearm or point the firearm at someone, " said Graver.

Graver says Scott was committed for mental health treatment.Still Graver says he hoped Scott would at least face an assault charge.

"There are times when law enforcement doesn't necessarily agree with the county attorney's decision." said Grave." But you basically just have to move on. "

Graver says he's since had many dealings with Scott, mostly due to Scott's bitter custody battle with his child's mother. This week, after learning Scott shot a fellow law enforcement officer , Graver is in disbelief.

"I didn't understand it then. And I don't understand it now. It's probably something we won't ever understand," said Graver.
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