Iowa State Fans Crowd Hawkeye Hotspot for UConn Game

By Forrest Saunders, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Iowa State fans at the black and gold colored Field House, were left feeling black and blue, Friday evening.

The Field House on Blairs Ferry is traditionally a Hawkeye hotspot, but more than 200 ISU alumni crowded the restaurant to watch the Cyclones battle UConn.

"It's not the Hawkeye mecca today. I think they should change the name of this place though, 'The Hilton,'" said Ron Hanus, an ISU fan.

Minutes before tipoff, Cyclone fan-demonium was at an apex, confidence too.

"I have us going all the way on several brackets. This is happening," said Robin Robison.

"I'd love to see them by 25. But if they can pull it off, I'd be happy," said Adam Shires.

Once the game got underway, cheers quickly turned to groans. At the half, Cyclones were down ten with UConn leading 36-26.

"I think they have a 50/50 chance. It's going to come down to, like it was last week, the last shot," said Hanus.

When play resumed, Iowa State kept trying to close the gap and overtake UConn. It came down to the final seconds, but in the end the Cyclones couldn't get things done. The Huskies advance to the Elite Eight, 81-76.
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