Iowa City's Dolphin Lake Point Enclave To Lose Section 8 Housing

By Mark Carlson, Reporter


An Iowa City town home development will no longer receive federal section 8 dollars from the government. May will be the last month anyone living in the Dolphin Lake Point Enclave will receive housing assistance. The city of Iowa City cited a breach in the Housing Assistance Payment Contracts for the action.

On Tuesday a member of the public presented the issue to the city council, asking they please make sure these residents are looked after.

Right now 39 indivuals or families receive assistance at the complex. Those people will be eligible to continue receiving the money only if they move away from Dolphin Point. Nine individuals or families have already left the complex since a notice of the city's actions went out in October.

"They actually thanked us, by doing this, this jump started them to finding different housing, because they didn't want to live out there anymore," said Steve Rackis, city housing administrator.

Dolphin Point declined to comment on Wednesday. Rackis said he's only had one conversation with a complex representative, which happened on Tuesday.

"This is non-negotiable," he said.
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