Police: Iowa City Woman Stole Six Wallets, Damaged Four Cars

By Lee Hermiston, Reporter

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Police said an Iowa City woman stole six wallets and damaged four cars early one morning last month.

Karen Mabikulu, 22, faces six counts of fifth-degree theft and one count of second-degree criminal mischief, a D felony, for her actions the morning of Oct. 26.

Police said that morning one of the theft victims reported that his wallet had been stolen from the Union Bar earlier that night. The man told police he heard Mabikulu talking to a friend about stealing someone's wallet and approached her, retrieving several of his personal belongings and items belonging to other people.

Mabikulu was uncooperative with officers and placed under arrest. Police searched her and found numerous drivers licenses, credit and debit cards, social security cards, wallets and items found in wallets that did not belong to her. Police said a search later at the Johnson County Jail turned up a wallet in Mabikulu's bra. Union Bar also reported to police finding several empty wallets after bar close. Police said Mabikulu stole wallets from six people.

Mabikulu, along with another woman not named in the criminal complaints, is also accuse of damaging several vehicles parked in the parking lots by The Mill and Starbucks. Police said the two women picked up large sidewalk pavers and tossed them on to the cars, damaging the windshields and hoods on four vehicles.
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