Iowa City Attorney Claims "Big Victory" Over Landlords

By Mark Carlson, Reporter

IOWA CITY, Iowa - An Iowa City attorney says a recent court ruling is evidence that landlords across Iowa City are breaking the law on a "grand scale." Last week a judge ruled in favor of two tenants, who sued Big Ten Property Management, after not receiving their full deposit upon moving out.

"Too many landlords think they can just keep that deposit," said Christopher Warnock, attorney for the plaintiffs.

Magistrate Judge Lynn Rose also awarded Nabihah Ahmed and Fawwaz Ahmed, plaintiffs, $2 thousand in damages for "improper deduction from a security deposit," according to the lawsuit.

Warnock said his clients were charged $150 for leaving their window open, which didn't cause any damage to the apartment. He said there were various other deductions, which led to an eventual return of $358.75 of the $850 deposit.

"We're trying to change the culture in Iowa City and across Iowa," said Warnock. "Too many renters are just scared of their landlords."

A representative of Big Ten Property Management said they plan to appeal the lawsuit.

"The lawsuit is reaching and ridiculous and [Warnock] keeps making things up in an attempt to make Iowa City landlords look bad," a representative, who asked not to be identified, said.
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