"Invisible Fence" Donates Pet Masks to East Dubuque Fire Department

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

EAST DUBUQUE, Illinois - The U.S. Fire Administration estimates as many as 150-thousand pets die in house fires each year. Most of those deaths are a result of smoke inhalation.

When an emergency call comes in, volunteer fire fighters have plenty of equipment to help protect the people of East Dubuque.

But in a house fire, it's pets that can sometimes suffer the most.

East Dubuque Fire Chief Joe Heim said, "The smoke and everything is just as toxic to them as it is for us. "

Mike Hafeman and his company, Invisible Fence, are donating pet oxygen masks to the East Dubuque Fire Department. Hafeman says the specialized masks perfectly fit an animal's face.

At couple hundred bucks per kit, Hafeman says it's worth every penny.

And while the fire fighters say they sure appreciate the donation, they know it's the pet owners who'll truly benefit.

Hafeman said, "If they lose their home and all their personal belongings, at least if the pets are rescued and saved, that's a big plus. "
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