Holocaust Survivor Shares His Story

MARION, Iowa - Emotions were high at a church in Marion Monday night. People gathered at St. Mark's Lutheran Church to hear a holocaust survivor tell his story. It was all part of a service to remember victims of the Holocaust, and many in the audience were affected by what the survivor had to say.

Now 77-years old, Cesare Frustaci was born in 1936. He was sent to a youth detention camp when he was seven during World War II.
He shared his experience of being tortured, and finally being reunited with his mother after the war. Frustaci says he continues to tell his story to keep the memories alive.

"I am at my eleventh hour. I am an old man. And if I go and pass away, no one will tell anybody what happened," Frustaci said.

In addition to his speech, there were hymns, readings and remembrances. This was only the first stop for a series of speeches.
Frustaci will visit colleges and high schools in the Cedar Rapids area through Thursday.
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