Hempstead Student's Ice Shattering Video Goes Viral

DUBUQUE, Iowa - A Dubuque teenager's video has gone viral. The video shows Andrew Wolhoy, 17, jumping onto a trampoline, shattering the ice on it.

He said it all started when he knocked the tire covers off his jeep and the ice on the covers shattered when they hit the ground. Wolhoy had parked near his trampoline. So he thought, 'Why not make a short video shattering the ice on the trampoline?' And from there, it's gone viral.

"Funny thing is I was at McDonalds with some friends. [The] TV is on, with CNN on. We're sitting there, and I pull up the video. Next thing you know, it's on TV. It's just crazy," Wolhoy said.

Wolhoy said the video has traveled as far as Houston, Texas.
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