Eastern Iowans Tough Spring Snow

By Nadia Crow, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Whether driving to services this morning or just trying to clear a driveway, that Sunday morning snow was something Eastern Iowans couldn't avoid.

It must be a running joke from higher powers. More salt is needed on the roads as another layer of snow covers Eastern Iowa.

"Its wet, perfect for snowmen," Jill Mrazek of Ely said.

She said she wouldn't call all of this shoveling a perfect Sunday morning.

"I was hoping for some 60 degree weather, but it just doesn't seem to want to come," Mzarek said

As snow easily decorates the trees and bare limbs, people scurried through the morning's errands, running from flurries instead of basking under a warm, spring sun.

"We have a brand new patio I want to use, and I'm really frustrated that spring's not here yet," Leslie Buscher of Cedar Rapids said.

The calendar and the weather don't seem to be on the same page, but many Eastern Iowans agree with Leslie Buscher. They're not pleased about a late March weekend that looks more like a Sunday back in mid-January than an early Spring.

Mike Buscher hopes that means the gift of warmth is on its way.

"Its going to change overnight, and then it'll be spring before you know it," Mike Buscher said.
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